Who We Are

Altadena, California

Over twenty million Americans are suffering from the disease of addiction. That's nearly 1 in 10 people over the age of 12. But only a fraction of those people receive the proper post treatment support to prevent relapse. So many lives have been affected by this tragic and heartbreaking disease and yet, we know for those with a desire to recover, who are given the proper opportunity to set up the foundation of solid recovery, it is possible to live a sober, useful, and purposeful life.

So we created Into Action House - a small community of like-minded persons willing to maintain sobriety and live together like a family, bonded in the common goal of learning to live 'one day at a time,' free from dependency on drugs and alcohol. It is here that you are safe to learn healthy daily structure and routine with staff and peer support.

Into Action House is a private, sober community centered in the heart of Altadena, California. This up and coming area is in walking distance from 12-step recovery meetings, coffee shops and restaurants which is an advantage for our guests who may be coming from out of state or who do not have access to transportation. With nearby hiking trails, parks and the famous Rose Bowl, guests have multiple opportunities to reconnect with nature and each other. Altadena and neighboring Pasadena are known to have a thriving recovery community with over 100 12-step meetings in the area.

We emphasize attending 12-step meetings and encourage you to use these new tools in recovery. We also encourage cooperation, contribution and sharing because they are essential elements to building lasting foundations for continued long-term sobriety.

By providing you with a beautiful, peaceful and supportive environment, you will have every opportunity to return to the mainstream of life and carve out a wonderful, new life for yourself and your family.



Into Action House has strong relationships with Intensive Outpatient (IOP) Groups in the area and will support our guests while they continue their treatment and/or therapy.


All guests are routinely drug tested to ensure the safety of the house. There is a zero-tolerance policy for drug and/or alcohol use and/or possession.


Each client is expected and required to be actively involved in 12-step recovery during their stay at Into Action House.

“Our mission is to provide the recovery community with safe, supportive,
action based living homes while they transition into long-term sobriety.”



Tel: (323) 244-3710