Founders With A Passion

Sarah Payne

Sarah Payne, owner and founder of Into Action House received her Master's in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Addiction and Recovery and is currently pursuing her Doctorate of Psychology in Marriage + Family Therapy. Her passion for helping others combined with her own deeply personal commitment to 12-step recovery has led her to opening the doors of Into Action House. Sarah's excitement and enthusiasm for recovery is infectious as she continues to help others achieve their unique goals.


Jason Payne

Jason Payne, owner and founder of Into Action House is a Certified Life Coach who works privately with his clients and facilitates groups at multiple treatment and wellness centers in the LA area. Jason journeyed from Kentucky to California in search of sobriety. Jason completed treatment and immersed himself in 12-step recovery which has enabled him to help countless numbers of men and women materialize their own recovery. Jason's one-of-a-kind personality and ability to inspire others has made him a beacon in the recovery community.


"Our own journies to sobriety fueled our desire to help others as we were helped.
Our understanding of addiction, our education and our passion to help others is what makes
Into Action House special. We want to welcome you, or your loved one, into our home --
a home where your journey to a life of freedom from addiction begins."



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